Marshall Lions Club


The Marshall Lions is a group of service minded men and women committed to making the Marshall area and the World, a better place to live.  These Lions embody what is good in the American spirit, that of helpfulness, compassion and caring for those in need nearby and around the world.

Mindy Abbeduto Harvey Heiman Stan Moreland
Ryan Abbeduto Jeff Heiman Matt Noel
Cliff Albedyll Kris Hellenbrand Mike Pitzo
Shelly Allness Lee Hellenbrand Owen Raisbeck
Merri Bailey Terry Hellenbrand Scott Reed
Tim Barlow Gene Henning Joe Retzlaff
Chelsey Bauer Layne Herried Steve Roberts
Eli Bauer Renee Jackson Ryan Russell
Homer Braden Blake Kelsey Rob Schlimgen
Ann Bradley Kip Kiefer April Schmid
Martin Bradley Steve Kilian Nathan Schmid
Kristine Braker Denny Kloepping John Schuepbach
Pete Breunig Larry Krenn Tim Schultz
Matt Browne Ryan Krenn Milo Sillman
Vern Connor Bill Kuhlow Dani Smith
Conrad Dreyer Bob Lange Donovan Smith
Dave Easley Gregg Langer Mel Stark
Jack Erb Sara Lannoy Brenda Steele
Kim Erb Tim Lannoy Jeff Steele
Mandy Foreyt Rick Lynch Paul Wehking
Ryan Frey Todd Madaus Todd Weinberger
Dan Grady Bob McDowell Ralph Wells
Terry Grossman Rod Meinholz Bob Wendt
Mike Haefner Phil Meli Tracy Wild
Phil Haerterich Kevin Moreland Mike Wildman
Tammi Haerterich Sheryl Moreland  Sue Woldt
Tim Harrison







Come and Visit!

Want to see what were about? Attend a meeting on the 2nd Wednesday or last Thursday of each month. Contact Lion Paul for meetings details.

203 Hubbell Street, Marshall WI 53559

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